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Hey guys! I won’t be posting much on ye old word blog, as I’ve found it a bit difficult to maintain. Please visit me at for news, a link to my new visual blog (, and other current and updated tidbits.




Finally, a nest. A little piece of heaven to call our own, opening in May. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, Datura!

Address to be announced, but for now you can visit our little placeholder of a website: Thank you for your attention. RB


Update: Show added. Hosted by the internationally renowned Bellyqueen. Details here.

Also, We’ve moved the workshops to a bigger space to accommodate the demand. Workshop info here.

Info’s here, hope to see you there! RB

Last fall’s intensive was so… intense (!) (drinking from a fire hose was mentioned by some), that we’ve decided to make it a regular thing. A few changes this time: more hours, which means more material, a focus on fewer elements to really dig in, and (finally!) testing for Element One Certification.

More details are coming at you this week (find them here:, but for now we leave you with a pretty picture, crafted by Little Scarab.

My friend, long time dance partner, and one of my greatest inspirations has finally opened an Etsy shop, which means you can obtain her exquisite wares, no matter where you call home.

Her shop is here.

If you haven’t heard of Mardi, check out the costuming section of this Wikipedia article.


We’re hitting left… then right.

First we head west, back to my olde home town of San Francisco, then we take on the big city, and the first place my family landed from the old world: New York. Click the links below for more information:

Rachel Brice in San Francisco: Feb 11th – 13th, 2011. The Beauty of Backbone & Bravura

Rachel Brice in NYC: Feb 18th – 20th, 2011. The Foundation of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

For the rest of Rachel’s schedule for 2011, click here, or scroll down.


Schedule for Rachel Brice, 2011

January, Portland, Or. RB’S Roulette Workshop Series

January 22nd, Costa Rica. Yoga and Belly Dance Retreat

February 11th-13th, San Francisco

February 18th-20th, New York City

February 26th, Las Vegas. The Tribal Massive

April 28th, Golden, Co. Elevation

May 18th, Northern California. Tribal Fest 11

More events being added regulary. Join the mailing list and visit Rachel’s facebook profile to be updated in a timely manner. We will not spam you. Promise.


Hope to see you there!


Well, it’s finally available for you… the infamous vampire movie made by Bryan Boyce for The Indigo’s Le Serpent Rouge in 2007. It may leave you with a slightly uneasy feeling. We like it that way.

The song is Whisper Hungarian in my Ear (hence the vid title), written by Dan Cantrell and performed by the Toids. Song available here.


I don’t even know where to begin with a subject like the Coilhouse blog, so go ahead and dig in:

Coilhouse in Print

Coilhouse in Print

“Alternative subcultures. They were a crucial aspect of industrial civilization in the two previous centuries. They were where industrial civilization went to dream. A sort of unconscious R&D, exploring alternative social strategies … but they became extinct.”


“We started picking them before they could ripen. A certain crucial growing period was lost, as marketing evolved and the mechanisms of recommodification became quicker, more rapacious. Authentic subcultures required backwaters, and time, and there are no more backwaters…” [William Gibson, All Tomorrow’s Parties]

“COILHOUSE is a love letter to alternative culture, written in an era when alternative culture no longer exists. And because it no longer exists, we take from yesterday and tomorrow, from the mainstream and from the underground, to construct our own version. We cover art, fashion, technology, music and film to create an alternative culture that we would like to live in, as opposed to the one that’s being sold or handed down to us. The result, in the form of articles, features and interviews, is laid out on our blog and in our print magazine for all to see. If our Utopia is your Utopia, then welcome! Anyone can contribute, and we encourage you to go to our submission page and get in touch.

Here, you will find an assemblage of the visual, cerebral, amusing, challenging and, above all, the ever-evolving. Below are samples of the topics you’ll find here, bits of the Info Strada aimed at inspiring literate progress and bringing entertainment to architects of their own past, present and, especially, future:

* cryptohistory and misanthropology
* abandoned structures + sprawling metropolises
* pre-apocalypse pleasure islands
* Genghis Khan’s bow and Hiro Protagonist’s sword
* Siamese twins, and other such nature’s curiosities
* otherworldly beauties with faces painted bright
* unreasonable footwear
* complicated hair
* technological body enhancement
* incredibly strange music
* flagrant futurism
* whalebone, absinthe & silk
* patricide girls
* body scaffolding
* dressing for war

The above is just a taste, and in the COILHOUSE magazine + blog we chronicle our adventures as we research these and our other favorite topics, find out what different people do with them, and why they do it.”

-From Coilhouse’s Mission page