We’re hitting left… then right.

First we head west, back to my olde home town of San Francisco, then we take on the big city, and the first place my family landed from the old world: New York. Click the links below for more information:

Rachel Brice in San Francisco: Feb 11th – 13th, 2011. The Beauty of Backbone & Bravura

Rachel Brice in NYC: Feb 18th – 20th, 2011. The Foundation of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

For the rest of Rachel’s schedule for 2011, click here, or scroll down.


Schedule for Rachel Brice, 2011

January, Portland, Or. RB’S Roulette Workshop Series

January 22nd, Costa Rica. Yoga and Belly Dance Retreat

February 11th-13th, San Francisco

February 18th-20th, New York City

February 26th, Las Vegas. The Tribal Massive

April 28th, Golden, Co. Elevation

May 18th, Northern California. Tribal Fest 11

More events being added regulary. Join the mailing list and visit Rachel’s facebook profile to be updated in a timely manner. We will not spam you. Promise.


Hope to see you there!